Vine picker



Product overview

Function: The TERRAL Vine Picker is used to collect vine shoots and pruning debris that accumulate in the vineyard. It pulls the vines off without shredding them, leaving no debris behind.

Use: The vine picker is used after the vine pruning period (January to April). It is best to use it on relatively bare soil, i.e. the shoots should not exceed 20 cm in height. It is ideally suited to stony ground or young plant cover, but it can be used on all types of soil.

How it works: The curved teeth of the frame, combined with the stabiliser pads, make it possible to collect even the smallest pieces of wood and deposit them in the basket. When this bucket is full, an action on the jack closes it and takes the bundle of vine shoots away.

Hitch: The TERRAL Vine Picker can only be attached to the rear of the tractor, so that it can be combined with a front-mounted tool such as the TERRAL windrower. Moreover, since this tool is quite bulky, it is more practical to attach it to the rear of the tractor.

Feed rate: from 2 to 5 km/h, depending on the quantity of the vines


Vine picker versions:

9 tooth
11 tooth

Standard features:

Double-girder chassis made of moulded steel
CAT1 3-point hitch
Manually adjustable working width
Height-adjustable teeth
Height-adjustable depth skids
Basket locks with single-acting cylinder
Storage struts


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