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Special purpose trimmers

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Function: TERRAL pruning machines are designed to maintain the plant system of a vineyard During the vegetation cycle, winegrowers regularly use them to cut off vine wood that grows on the sides and top of the vine rows (lopping). The aim of this work is to keep the area underneath the vine clear by removing new branches that may be susceptible to disease.

Use: The pruner is used during the vine’s vegetative development cycle (April to August). It is best to use it on wood (or branches) that are not yet lignified (have not become too hard), i.e. use it on green branches that are still growing. Branch length has no affect on the machine’s performance

How it works: The rotation speed and the sharpness of the knives, combined with the angle of the cutting panels, allows for a clean cut of the vine foliage. The machine’s multiple settings (angle and spacing) allow it to adapt to all types of vineyard.

Hitch: The TERRAL trimmer can only be mounted onto the front of the tractor, to combine trimming with the use of another tool at the rear, such as the TERRAL shredder, or a soil-working tool. It can also be mounted directly onto the rear of the tractor on the 3-point hitch or on a bogie. In the special versions, a large number of lopping options are available.

Feed rate: depending on the kind of trimmer that is being used

Memo: The most remarkable feature of this machine is its name! Indeed, depending on the region, the name of this machine is not the same:

  • In the great southeastern quarter of France it is an “écimeuse” or “pruning machine”
  • In the southwestern and northeastern quarter of France it is a “rogneuse” or “leaf cutter”
  • In other regions, such as the Charentes or the Loire, it is a “faucilleuse” or “scythe machine”
  • In other regions of France, the terms “écourteuse” and “estrapeuse” are used


The technical specifications of special purpose trimmers are determined by a design brief drawn up by the Design Office in collaboration with the customer. When a specific request is made for how a trimming machine is to be designed, all possibilities are explored in order to best meet the requirements. Trimmers can be adapted to be used with lots of different machines (example: forwarders, harvesting machines, high-clearance tractors, etc.), for all types of vineyard.


The vast majority of the options already available in the catalogue can be adapted to the special purpose trimmers.


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