Hydraulic power pack


Hydraulic power pack

Centrale hydraulique

Product overview

Function: The TERRAL hydraulic power pack is a complementary tool to a very large number of machines. It is used to assist a tractor when the hydraulic flow rate is too low for it to run. It is also useful when a machine is shared between several tractors, so as not to mix the oils.

Use: The hydraulic power pack can be used at any time of year with any suitable tool. Its compact design allows it to fit all types of mounting.

How it works: The hydraulic power pack works in the same way as the hydraulic pump coupled with an oil reserve.

Hitch: The TERRAL Hydraulic Power Pack is mounted onto the rear of a tractor, or other type of machine equipped with a power grip. It is usually coupled to a tool mounted on the front of the tractor (such as a pre-pruner, a pruner, a vine trunk cleaner, a trimming machine…)

Rotation speed: 540 rpm


Tank 100 L (oil capacity 80 L)
CAT1 or CAT2 3-point hitch
Flow control valve
Pressure limiter
Level and temperature indicator
Push-pull plugs
Drainage valve
Drive shaft with approved guard
3 pump models available:

o 45L GR2 o 45L GR3 o 65L GR3


Electric cooler with probe


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