Hydraulic auger

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Hydraulic auger

Tarière hydraulique

Product overview

Function: The TERRAL hydraulic auger is used to make holes in the ground. Thanks to its generous clearance around the chassis, and its small size, it can weave in and out of the vines.

Use: The hydraulic auger can be used in many fields: viticulture, arboriculture, animal husbandry, etc. It can be used to make pilot holes to plant vines or trees, or to install a fence. Its versatility means it can be used all year round. It is ideally suited to confined areas, and any type of soil.

How it works: With a slow rotation of the drill as the machine descends, the auger digs the soil and loosens dead vines to prepare the ground for new plants. Thanks to its two working positions, it is easy to get under the plants.

Hitch: The TERRAL hydraulic auger can only be attached to the front of the tractor, allowing for complete visibility of the work being carried out, and unrivalled working comfort. It can be used with a crate at the front to deposit the shoots or uprooted vine stocks.

Feed rate: variable depending on the quantity of holes to be made and the type of soil encountered


Compact frame in profiled steel
Very high displacement hydraulic motor, suitable for augers from Ø150 mm to 400 mm
Pivot-mounted motor for working in different positions
Motor for reversing rotation
Hydraulic lifting of the chassis by parallelogram
Hydraulically movable frame 90 cm on the right and 90 cm on the left
Storage struts


Wire protector
Ø400 mm spiral digger
Ø150 mm helical digger
Ø250 mm helical digger
Ø250 mm helical digger
Helical screw anchor (specify brand)
Drill extension
Manual distributor (only for tractors without cab)
Electrohydraulic joystick control


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