Above-ground shredder


Above-ground shredder

Broyeur Hors Sol

Product overview

Function: The TERRAL Above-Ground Shredder may only be used to shred vine shoots or fruit tree branches. Thanks to its shredding chamber being located about 30 cm off the ground, the soil is not disturbed by the shredder passing over it.

Use: The Above-Ground Shredder is used after the vine pruning period (January to April). It is best to use it on relatively bare soil, i.e. the shoots should not exceed 20 cm in height. It is ideally suited to stony ground or young plant cover, but it can be used on all types of soil.

How it works: Combined with the gathering rakes, the pick-up’s curved fingers allow for wood of any size to be scooped up, no matter how small, and fed into the shredding chamber. Located about 30 centimetres above the ground, the shredding chamber reduces the vine shoots accumulated in the chamber to small pieces. The size of these pieces is determined by adjusting the rear plate.

Hitch: The TERRAL Above-Ground Shredder can only be attached to the rear of the tractor, so that it can be combined with a front-mounted tool such as the TERRAL windrower. Moreover, since this tool is quite heavy, it is more practical to attach it to the rear of the tractor.

Feed rate: from 6 to 12 km/h depending on the quantity of vines


Compact and robust chassis made from heavy-duty sheet metal
Reinforced shredding chamber
Oil bath angular gearbox with freewheel
Reduces input (energy, pesticides, fertilisers) significantly
6 working widths available:

- 85 cm
- 105 cm
- 125 cm
- 140 cm
- 160 cm
- 175 cm

- Belt guard (width 12 cm)

Available options

Hydraulic pick-up

- Hydraulically driven pick-up with cruise control and direction reversal (the pick-up's speed can be adapted according to the quantity of shoots and the vehicle can be reversed in the event of a blockage)


- Field cultivator roller
- Deflectors (to slightly increase the shredding width)

Customer testimonials, feedback

TERRAL equipment is robust and easy to use. I opted for the above ground shredder because I was looking for a tool with a shredding chamber that was high enough off the ground. I can shred vine shoots throughout the winter without destroying the plant cover that is growing there. Furthermore, I love how robust the shredder is. It adapts perfectly to all types of soil.
B. BELLY (33)
Château Moulin de Vignolle – Pleine Selve

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