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Windrower Shredder

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Function: The TERRAL windrower shredder deposits lumber and debris in the middle of the interrow to be shredded. It is widely used to extend the working range of a hammer mill or an above-ground shredder. This way, the lumber is removed from the soil at the foot of the vine, leaving it clean.

Use: The TERRAL windrower is used just after the pruning period (January to April). It is best to use it when the weeds are just starting to grow, so that the soil at the foot of the vine can be thoroughly cleared of debris, ready for when you want to use the grape hoe weeder.

How it works: Combined with the flexibility of the straps and the various length and directional settings, the controlled rotation of the heads allows the machine to follow the line of vine stocks, collecting the lumber and vine debris in the middle of the interrow.

Hitch: The TERRAL windrower is usually affixed to the front of a TERRAL shredder. It can also be positioned on shredders made by other manufacturers, or anywhere on the tractor (in this case, an adapter is required). Mounted on a TERRAL shredder, it allows the shredder’s field of action to be extended without changing the dimensions of the convoy. This simplifies end-of-row manoeuvring.

Feed rate: 3 to 8 km/h depending on the amount of wood and debris


Manual height and width adjustment
Manual 2-way adjustment
2 windrower heads driven by hydraulic motors
3 straps per head
Head speed adjustment on the machine itself
Tractor hose connectors


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