Rear frame grape hoe weeder



Rear frame grape hoe weeder

Product overview

Function: TERRAL rear frames weeders are frames, i.e. tool holders, which are specially designed to hold TERRAL weeders and soil-working tools. They are used for the maintenance and mechanical weeding of the soil at the foot of the vine. There are several ways to maintain this area: ploughing, stirring the soil, lifting the soil, mowing, etc. Maintaining this area so that it remains clear and free of weeds increases vine yield, since the weeds will not have to compete for resources from the soil. The TERRAL rear frame helps to quickly eradicate weeds growing under the vines, without having to resort to phytopharmaceutical products.

Use: The frame works in conjunction with the grape hoe weeder, and is therefore used throughout the year to keep the soil at the foot of the vine clear. However, it will be more in demand from March to July. It can be used on all types of soils, whether they are clay, limestone, sandy, or stony. However, using it on very hard soils is not recommended, as this could damage the machine and the vines.
The rear frame allows 2 half-rows to be cultivated at the same time.

How it works: The frame is a chassis; it does not allow any specific action to be carried out when it is coupled to the tractor alone. In order to carry out a job, it must be equipped with tools and/or a grape hoe weeder.

Hitch: The TERRAL rear frame grape hoe weeder can be coupled to the front or rear of the tractor, depending on how it is equipped. It can be combined with the use of a TERRAL shredder or a soil working tool. However, since tillage implements generate a significant amount of strain on the machinery, it is better to attach it to the rear.

Feed rate: Feed rate depends on the tool used


Rear frame versions:
Classic frame: Narrow, Standard, or Large
Reversible frame: Narrow, Standard, or Large
Standard features:
Double-girder chassis made of heavy-duty moulded steel
Heavy-gauge steel longerons
Reinforcing strut on both sides
Multiple slots ready for a variety of tools
Perfectly suited to fit the TERRAL grape hoe weeder
Chassis suitable for 50x50 flanges
Rear hitch CAT1 and CAT2
Mechanical side gap adjustment


Hydraulic gauge adjustment: simultaneous
Hydraulic gauge adjustment: independent
Pre-equipment for a hydraulic power pack


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