Hammer shredder



Hammer shredder

Broyeur à marteaux


Function: The TERRAL Hammer shredder can shred all types of plants. It can be equipped with hammers or flails. It is therefore perfectly suited to shredding grass and vine shoots growing in the interrow or the headlands.

Use: The hammer shredder is used throughout the year for regular interrow maintenance. It can even be used when the grass is very tall and mixed with vine shoots. However, it is not recommended to use it on very stony soils.

How it works: The rotation speed, combined with the specific shape of the shredding chamber, allows it to shred all types of vegetation. Moreover, its height-adjustable collection rakes allow it to adapt to any unevenness in the ground. So, once the shredder has passed over the terrain, the soil is cleared of all the weeds that compete with the vines.

Hitch: The TERRAL Hammer shredder can only be mounted onto the rear of the tractor, so that it can be combined with any tool in the front (pruner, windrower, pre-pruner, etc.)

Feed rate: from 2 to 8 km/h depending on the type and quantity of plants (example: maximum 3 km/h if dense grasses + vines)


Standard features:
Compact and robust chassis made from heavy-duty sheet metal
Reinforced shredding chamber
Oil bath angular gearbox with freewheel
Make the shredding process easier by using a rake harrow
Electronically balanced rotor mounted on self-aligning bearings
Forged hammers made of very heavy-duty steel OR grass flails
Drive shaft with approved guard
V-belt drive
Quickly adjustable collection harrow
Swivel iron wheels
Height-adjustable iron wheels
Protective metal pallets on the front
CAT1 or CAT2 3-point hitch (depending on width)
Storage struts
Belt guard (width 12 cm)
Available operating widths for the hammer mill:

- 90 cm
- 100 cm
- 115 cm
- 125 cm
- 135 cm
- 150 cm
- 160 cm
- 180 cm

30 to 50 cm hydraulic lateral offset, depending on the model
Field cultivator roller


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