Front windrower

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Front windrower

Product overview

Function: The TERRAL front windrower collects lumber from the middle of the interrow so that it can shredded or chipped. It is often used to remove lumber from the foot of the vine, in order to leave the vine and soil clean.

Use: The TERRAL windrower is used just after the pruning period (January to April). It is best to use it when the weeds are just starting to grow, so that the soil at the foot of the vine can be thoroughly cleared of debris, ready for when you want to use the grape hoe weeder.

How it works: Combined with the flexibility of the vine shoots and the direction of the ball joint, the controlled rotation of the heads allows the machine to follow the line of vine stocks, collecting the lumber and vine debris in the middle of the interrow. The pivoting chassis allows the machine to adapt to sloping ground.

Hitch: The TERRAL front windrower is only mounted at the front of the tractor in order to ensure that the driver has a clear view. This also allows the tractor to straddle the windrow created by the machine, and means it can be used with a vine picker or an above-ground shredder.

Feed rate: 3 to 8 km/h depending on the amount of lumber and debris


Chassis for vines from 1.50 m to 2.50 m in height
Swivel chassis
Manual spacing
Connects directly onto the tractor
Hydraulic height adjustment by double-acting jack
2 windrower heads driven by hydraulic motors
4 brush bundles per head
Extruded nylon strands OR sheathed steel cable
Head on swivel joint
Head speed adjustment on the machine itself
Mounting bracket at the front of the tractor
Storage struts


Simultaneous hydraulic spacing
Independent hydraulic spacing
Manual distributor (only for tractors without cab)
Electrohydraulic joystick control
The chassis can accommodate narrow or thick vines


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