Disc pre-pruner



Disc pre-pruner

Prétailleuse avec barres de coupe

Product overview

Function: TERRAL Pre-Pruners are used to prepare for the mechanical or manual pruning of vines. They save a considerable amount of time during the pruning process, so that this period can be reduced to a minimum. The purpose of this work is to make it easier to use the pruner.

Use: The pre-pruner is used before and during the pruning period (November to March). It is recommended for use on hardened wood in which the sap has already descended (or is in the process of descending). This makes it easier for the pre-pruner to cut and chip the wood, so it can move faster. Branch length has no affect on the machine’s performance

How it works: The speed of rotation, with sharp lower discs and blunt upper discs, results in a clean cut and efficient branch removal. The machine’s multiple settings make it suitable for all types of vineyards.

Hitch: The TERRAL Pre-pruner can only be mounted onto the front of the tractor, to combine pre-pruning with the use of another tool at the rear, such as the TERRAL shredder, or a soil-working tool. It can also be combined with a hydraulic power pack if the tractor’s flow rate is insufficient. The pre-pruner can work on one complete row.

Feed rate: from 2 to 6 km/h depending on how stiff the vine shoots are and how flat the soil is between vine rows.


Pre-pruner versions:

7 cm gap between discs: from 4 to 14 discs
10 cm gap between discs: from 3 to 10 discs
Standard features:
Pendulum mast
Self-locking chassis in road position
Cushioned chassis in working position
Adjustable damping force of the shock absorber
2 heavy-duty hydraulic motors
Modular cutting height thanks to stackable discs
Hardox discs
Hydraulic work height adjustment
Hydraulic head offset adjustment
Electric joystick control
Head can be held open permanently or temporarily
Electronic motor speed control
Mechanical head pinch adjustment
Simplified removal of the last disc (sharpened)
Mounting bracket at the front of the tractor
Storage bracket


Hydraulic device for switching between the trimmer head and pre-pruner head
Direct mounting: tractor equipped with control sockets (e.g. Fendt Vario)
Hydraulic tilt adjustment
Detection and automatic opening when coming into contact with a vine stock
Pair of side cutters (multiple settings)
Pair of side discs
Vine lifters

Customer testimonials, feedback

The pre-pruner does a perfect and comfortable job, thanks to its automatic opening function as it detects vine stocks. I use cutter bars on the pre-pruner to make it easier for the trimmer to pass through. The reduced front overhang allows me to position the machine precisely.
P. Plouzennec (34)


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