After-Sales Service

Terral After-Sales Service – your satisfaction is our priority

In order for you to have easy access to us, we have developed a network of distributors in several regions.

Out partnership with them is key because, while they obviously contribute to the sale of our products, they also provide maintenance and after-sales service.

Maintenance on our product ranges

Machine repair

On-site maintenance

Advice and expertise on how to use

Has one of your machines broken down?

If you have a problem or a question about how to use our equipment, please contact your dealer in the first instance. This should be your first point of contact: they assisted you during the purchase, got everything set up and ready to use, and will still be there for you should you have need for breakdown or after-sales services.

Vous rencontrez une panne ?

Has one of your machines broken down?

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Entretien de vos matériels

we advise you on the maintenance of your equipment

Our dealers will assist and advise you throughout your purchase. They will get everything set up and ready to use, and will advise you on equipment maintenance.

Our technical teams are also at your disposal for any information or advice.