Group Presentation

Présentation du groupe Terral

A passion that has endured for over a century

So much progress has been made since the creation of the forge! The years do not diminish our determination to satisfy your needs. Quite the contrary in fact: as time goes by, we take measures to improve our products as well as our manufacturing and distribution processes. By being attentive to your needs on a daily basis, we try to convey to you the passion for machinery that drives us.



It is with the creation of a forge in the centre of the village of Canet, that the adventure begins.

With the mechanisation and expansion of the Hérault vineyards, the company turned to agricultural mechanics.


Setting up our first workshops

Creation of a team of 3 mechanic-welders, led by Mr and Mrs Christian and Renée TERRAL.

Manufacture of the first auger on the chassis of a truck.


Didier and Maryvonne Terral take over the company

The company now has 8 employees.

We are expanding our range with the introduction of new machines: the pre-pruner, the windrower, the above-ground shredder, the knife trimmer…

Our sales network is expanding to include other vineyards.


factory expansion

Outgrowing the old buildings in Canet, the company moves to a nearby commune, Le Pouget, where it is still located today.

The new factory allows for a new organisation of workstations, for increased productivity.


Xavier Pera takes over as Managing Director

Following Didier TERRAL’s retirement, the company is bought by Xavier PERA.

The creation of a design office accelerates innovation and new tools are invented.

Our business philosophy


We place great emphasis on designing and manufacturing machines that are easy to use, while being equipped with the latest technology.


Our technical, sales and design teams are always ready to meet your needs.


Efficiency is our watchword on all levels. It is a very important value for all our technicians in their respective tasks. This leitmotiv can also be found in our hardware, to ensure that we deliver maximum satisfaction.

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